Anchor Down Below - EP

by A R S E N A

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On her new EP "Anchor Down Below"' the American soul and R & B singer Arsena Schroeder embarked on a new path. On her album she embraces the electronics and has a great influence on her musical sound. It takes some getting used to compared with its old style but the result is good and fresh. This EP is the successor of the great 'For My Artist Child', the first full album of Schroeder. This something more traditional soul now has an electronic injection. That is clear from the opening track. What is the same are the strong vocals of Schroeder and the beautiful quiet compositions, but new is a use of effects. This is already clear in the beautiful opening "End of The Earth". The title track of the album is even better. Schroeder worked with Tera Jackson who is an experienced songwriter in gospel and R & B in writing the songs. It contributed to the unique sound developed by Schroeder. Another collaboration is with rapper Modest Jon in 'The Call' and that delivers the best song on this EP, in which the singing of Arsena Schroeder is interspersed with the rap from Modest Jon. A nice enrichment and hopefully a collaboration that will lead to more of that good stuff. The star of Arsena Schroeder is rising in the United States. Europe has yet to find her. - Write up by The Next Gig


released March 8, 2016

Beats & Music Produced by: Dylan Graham of DG Beats

Song Lyrics by: Arsena Schroeder (Tracks 1-5) + Tera Jackson (Tracks 1-5), Modest Jon (Track 4)

Engineered by: Pattrick McKenna (Tracks 1, 3-5) + Mike Davis (Track 2 + BGVS on Track 1)

Mixing + Mastering by: Pattrick McKenna at Transmission Recording Studios

Lead Vocals Performed by: Arsena Schroeder

Backing Vocals Performed by: Arsena Schroeder + Tera Jackson (Tracks 4 + 5), Modest Jon (Track 4)

Backing Vocals Produced By: Mike Davis (Track 1 + 2), Pattrick McKenna (Tracks 3-5)

Album Artwork By: Arsena Schroeder + Photograph by Darius M. Evans

Executive Producers: Tera Jackson + Arsena Schroeder



all rights reserved


A R S E N A Charlotte, North Carolina

Arsena is an independent recording artist with soul, alternative, and folk influences. Based out of Charlotte, NC, Arsena got her start in music while interning on Capitol Hill in 2009.

In 2012, Schroeder decided to forego her graduate studies to pursue music full-time. Since then, she's released three EP's and one full-length album. She is scheduled to debut in Europe this spring of 2017.
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Track Name: End of The Earth
I, I wanna be
I, I gotta be
Where You are

Entirely, I want the real You
Not who everyone says You are
I don’t want to eavesdrop
I want to know Your voice from a far
They say do this and that
And it’s sure to make us right
But what if it pulls us from
Your Grace-giving Life

We’re lost like a sheep
That’s wandered from the place
Where it should be
And I cannot sleep
Until I know I’m safe
And You’re right next to me

I’d go to the end of the Earth
I’d go to the end of myself
Right to the very edge
Even risking death to find You
I’d dive through the depths on the ocean
Right through the depths of despair
That’s how much I’d care
If I knew that I’d find You there

So let Your light shine through
And let striving and the law cease
I don’t want to climb a ladder
To find out that You’re not up there with me
The spirit is willing, the flesh is weak
And we’re in the final hour
His Spirit is calling louder
Louder, and louder
Track Name: Anchor Down Below
I see the anchor down below
But the water ain't clear like it used to be before
It’s murky, jerky, earthy, quirky
Not really sure that it’s sturdy
There’ve been so many twists and turns
On my journey
But I see the anchor down below
Can we make sure that it holds?

Cause every time I look down deep
It gets clearer
And if ever I start to sink
You draw nearer
You’re someone I can hold onto
When I walk through the shadows
The one who remains is You
No matter what happens

You’re my anchor down below
Through the storm
You hold on
You’re my anchor down below
You never let go
You never let go

I don’t want my heart to harden
But so much has changed
Since I first started
I’m beat down, pressed down, shaked down, cant smile
Not really sure who’s Your child
I don’t want unbelief to keep me from Your crown
But I see the anchor down below
Can we make sure that it holds?

When the wind blows
You hold me close
I’m tied to You
And You’ll never let go
When the waves crash
Your love holds fast
Staying in place
So I wont drift away


Aye, aye, aye, aye, aye
Anchor down low.
Track Name: Veil
I guess we’ve been in this for a while
Getting to know each others likes, hopes, and dreams
As long as we’ve been together
I thought I knew all that we could ever be
But there’s so much so much more to You
And it’s clear I let my fears and pretense and defense
Keep me from Your pursuit

So I will enter in
Wont stay away
I can just come-- no
I don’t have to wait
No not anymore
Because the veil has been torn

I can come just as I am
And look upon Your nail scarred hands
Up close and personal
Now that my veil has been torn
And now I can feel You
Discover the real You
Understand the real Truth
Now that my veil has been removed

When I look at You my whole world subsides
Every worry, fret, and care fade away
I’ve been so concerned about appearances
I’ve been known to lose my identity
But You put on skin, flesh, and bones
And You said it was finished
So why would I deny a life with You a new, a new beginning

I come to You feeling so exposed
I tell You things that no one else knows
You cover me with love like clothes
And make me feel secure
Track Name: The Call ft. Modest Jon
What you working for?
What's your goals?
What you searching for?
Is it a dream?
To be less inferior and be more supreme?
Some love the cash, others put their time into things that will last
Future or Pass keep it going if the brain
starts storming then let it keep flowing

Do you have a calling for balling and feel
Like you're moving or feel like you're stalling?
Never stationary mainly only temporary,
You got to take your vision and become a visionary
Be the next to tell when you're chirping ask your mind "Where it's at?" Like the dog chasing cat
Different format, but all the same feeling we need to
build the hearts cause this world need some healing.

Does it really bring life to you
Why do you do the things you do
Can you feel a fire burning
Down in your soul will you answer the call
The call, the call, the call.....

Can you hear me now? Yeah

Doing what you love is the best
and most powerful thing in the world.
Cause' your hearts on the line and it's
not about the dime, but without it- dream deferred
So you wake up everyday
You grind and you pray that it's not in vain
That someday you'll hear "Well done my good and faithful servant"
Many nights I've cried and wondered does any body give a ---- what
I could of sold out been on youtube talking about nonsense, twerking
But I follow my Father and it seems He's led me right here
I can't ignore the voice the call from deep down within

Man I'm feeling obtuse as I'm trying to find
My angle with reasons that's so entangled
You sleep, you dream, you wake, debate on the date
That you'll feel you'll catch your next break, but never broken
Burning thoughts of bright lights and clapping hands
Duplicated in stands of fans that indicates your career has blossom
The rich kids said its awesome and don't stank like rotten possum
I am the engine that could cause I am the engine from the hood
That understood we don't accept dial tones mama use to pop them Hands if you touched that phone (Ha)
Now we ain't scared of bill collectors or
Disconnect from our disconnectors
I have greatness sitting on my call waiting
So no contemplating, so lets get to this creating
Track Name: You Can't Stay Here
I get tired of wrestling with the same things
And I'm so over all the disappointment that life brings
I keep on falling into my day dream
It feels like someone's behind the curtains pulling strings

Cause' every time I turn around
I see you standing there
You just want to bring me down
But I just want to make it clear
You don't own me
So you can't hold me

So get behind me
You can't stay here
You're defeated
So go
And don't remind me
Of the old me cause' I don't know her

I get tired and just want to check out
And I'm so over never fully knowing what life's about
I keep trying to do the right thing
But my short comings keep on coming back to haunt me